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Navigate to the setting menu in the top right hand corner.

Scroll down to the zoom option and choose either zoom in or zoom out where it lists options for the percentage increase or decrease in screen zoom.

Further down the settings menu there is an Internet options tab.  If you select this a tabbed menu appears.  At  the bottom there are accessibility and font options.

In the accessibility options you can choose to;

And you can choose to use your own stylesheet.

These can all be activated by checking the tick box. If you choose your own stylesheet you must click the browse button and browse to your stylesheet in order to make it active.

Press OK

If you choose the Advanced option there is a selection of unchecked boxes in the accessibility section.  By checking the boxes you can activate these options.





Navigate your mouse to the top right hand corner of the browser and click on the settings spanner.  The sixth option is zoom. Here you can use the plus or minus option to zoom in or zoom out.

Further down this menu there is an options item. Click on this and it will open up the options menu.

On the left-hand side there is a menu with items to choose from.  Choose the option titled ‘under the hood’. In this area there is a web content choice. There are options for font size from small to very large and a choice of page zoom.


In your Mozilla browser, select the tools option on your menu bar. In the drop-down menu near the bottom, there is an option choice. Click this option.

This brings up the options menu. The third tab is a contents menu. In here you can select what size text and colour of text you would like and the font to be displayed in your browser.


Navigate to the top right hand corner of the Safari browser and select the settings option. This will bring up the drop-down menu and near the bottom, there is a preferences option.  Choose this option.

This brings up the appearance menu. The second tab is for appearance. Here you can select the font required, the size and the fixed width font and its size.

If you select the advanced option on the last tab, the first heading, ‘universal access’, allows you to type in the minimum size of font you would like to be displayed.

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