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John Sisson Contracting uses grey and white cement for use in a variety of applications including concrete (ready mixed to high strength precast), mortars, screeds, renders for foundations, pre-cast walling, flooring and other structures.

All cements are class CEM1 52.5N to BS EN 197-1:2000.

Grey cement is a general purpose cement for use in concrete, mortars, screeds and renders.

Grey cement’s composition, specifications and conformity criteria in BS EN 197 - 1:2000 for strength class 52.5N. It is the most widely used cements and is found in a wide range of applications from ready-mixed concrete to high strength precast concrete.

Fly Ash (or Pulverised Fuel Ash(PFA) is  a cement replacement.

Fly-Ash conforms to the criteria set out in BS EN 450-1 and BS EN 450-2 these standards dictate the chemical and physical properties of Fly Ash.



Features and benefits of using PFA as a cement replacement

Cement heavily contributes to CO2 emissions in the UK, the less cement that is used in concrete manufacture the lower the impact on the environment. Using Fly Ash as a cement replacement reduces the overall CO2 footprint of the final concrete product.

Other benefits include:

Improved long term strength, performance and durability

Reduced permeability

Surface finish of the completed product

Reduced temperature rise in thick sections.

Minimised risk of alkali silica reaction

Replacing cement with Fly Ash improves the properties of the hardened concrete

Coarse concrete mix

A 20mm coarse aggregate grade suitable for foundation work over 75mm thick and for footings.

Fine concrete mix

A 10mm fine aggregate grade suitable for concreting drives, paths and similar where a fine finish is required.

Rapid set post mix

A rapid set concrete mix that is good when fixing posts where a quick-setting mix is required.

General purpose concrete mix

Suitable for concreting paving, paths, drives, fence posts, steps, hearths and general concreting where a fine finish is required.